About me

Hi, I'm Danielle and I'm a life-o-holic!

My friends might say I'm something of a paradox: Controlled and disciplined but funny and offbeat; outgoing and adventurous but kind of shy and insecure; a pretty straight arrow with lots of tattoos. Between you and me, I like it that way... Be yourself and keep 'em guessing!

I used to be "fat". For more than 20 years I struggled to lose weight, attempting every half-baked diet from Stop The Insanity to Deal-A-Meal to Nutri-System. It was only when I decided to put nutrition and fitness at the center of my life that things changed forever - not only did I lose 65lbs and cure myself of type 2 diabetes but I learned that when I put my mind to something nothing can stop me.

Today I live a healthy lifestyle with passion and commitment. For me, wellness (aka, "sorting out my shit to become a more healthy, loving, joyful person") is everything! Being true to myself means I refuse to conform to assumptions about how I should be or what I should do or how I should age. It's this approach to living that's at the heart of my blog.

I've always been the sort of obsessive person who gets "into" something then sets out to learn everything about it. Nutrition. Japan. Weightlifting. Tattooing. Human nature. I'm wild about hiking and travel and get away as often and as far as I can. At the same time... I'm always pretty happy right where I am.

I tend to know too much about random things, like reality shows, the Osmond family, world food, British pop, and Howard Stern. My talents include brewing great coffee, packing a suitcase, parallel parking, and turning lemons into lemonade.


Danielle Bartholomew, Montreal 2015