My little world, a photo of my desk at home

I spend a whole lot of time at my desk, surrounded by my wonderful wife, dog, and 3 cats. This is a happy place to work, learn, and plan adventures!

Bonjour hi!


This site is about my love of travel and of taking pictures. But it's also about my love of the Web. Twenty-five years after I got my start in Vancouver, I'm as passionate about Web development as ever!


I love my life! It's taken so many unexpected twists and turns. I wish I'd known to not worry so much, to always believe in myself, and that life would be different but way better than I could ever imagine.


I've always loved the excitement of boarding a plane or packing the car for a road trip. Life is about to change! Even for a weekend, a change of scenery can be all it takes to recharge my batteries and change my mood.

I've traveled a lot throughout North America, Europe and Asia, but adding pins to my map or checking boxes on my bucket list isn't my thing. Although I love discovering new places, I return to Japan and the American Southwest as much as I can. Far from my life in Montreal, they're an endless source of wonder and joy.

Experience has taught me that life's best moments are rarely those we plan. Happy travels!

Web sites

I've used this site as a sandbox to explore, learn and grow as a Web designer and developer. When the pandemic hit in March 2020 it offered a unique opportunity to rethink and redesign a site that hadn't been updated in 7 years!

Many of the things that make this small Web site special to me occur behind the scenes and are invisible to visitors. I'm a better, more confident front-end developer for having had this fun, challenging project to work on.

Under the hood...

  • Git tracks my changes and backs up my files
  • Node.js and npm install, manage and run JavaScript tools
  • Nunjucks Javascript templating engine allows me to use dynamic templates and components
  • SASS lets me use variables and functions within nested CSS
  • JSON manages my English and French resource strings
  • Markdown markup language converts plain text into HTML
  • Gulp.js runs automated tasks like rendering, compiling, concatenating, renaming and minifying files like Markdown, JSON, JavaScript, Nunjucks and SASS
  • Different images are loaded solely based on a user's screen/device dimensions
  • LazySizes and LazyBlur JS plugins lazy-load large images
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom helped me to process my illustrations and photos
  • Ico-Moon allowed me to create a custom font for my icons
  • JavaScript and CSS helped me to create some fun animations on buttons and images
  • meets or exceeds WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) standards :-)

Thanks for being here!